venerdì 5 luglio 2013


After 17 years without releasing albums, the norwegian Black metal band Crest of Darkness finally releases a new album, In the Presence of Death. Probably most of Black metal lovers had already listened to this band, and whit this album also Progressive metal and Power metal listeners will know this band, because the singer in this album was also singer of the Power metal band Conception. It's a great leap to play Black metal after having singed in a Power metal band for many years, in facts the sound is much more clean than in other albums of this genre, and you can hear the bass better than in a normal Raw Black metal song. This is a traditional Black Metal album, but with Death metal and Doom metal influences. The powerfull riffs, the violent drums and the angry screams create a sort of incredible musical vortex, rich of strange atmospheres and showing also an excelent musical technique. In my opinion the best tracks of this CD are obviously the title track, "In the Presence of Death", "Demon Child" and "Welcome to my Funeral"; these song are able in a particular way to improve the technical level of the album. I think that this is absolutely a good album, but this band needs to do a quality leap that will improve again the level of the band, because to me they can't show totally their abilities.

RATING: 7/10
-SADIK- (-Dom-)

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