domenica 9 dicembre 2012


Desecrate is a Progressive Melodic Death Metal band formed in Genoa in 1995; there was a long pause period after the release of their fist album, so the band hasn't performed for many years. In their songs there are a lot of instrumental breaks-Opeth style, the piano is used very often as the guitars. The first track of the album is "Croatoan": complex riffs, quick growl, a good performance of the bass, that you can often hear. After a completely instrumental track with the piano, here's "XIII": a good initial drum fill, a refrain perfectly pressed by guitarists. "Tzunami" is a power and melancholy track, but fast and furious. After a few songs, there's "Karma", a great song influenced by the Dark Tranquillity style.
"My Devil's Gonna Cry" is good too, with many Prog Death parts. Last, but not the least important, is "The Illusion Gate", an interesting track with some purely Death and Melodic parts. Amazing album, we hope that there will not be other breaks for the band!

VOTE: 7,5/10

-SADIK- [-Mara-]


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