sabato 9 febbraio 2013


Roarback are a Danish Thrash Metal band,born in 2010 and their genre is a mix of Thrash and Death Metal, in facts they're influenced by 80's Thrash Metal and by 90's Death Metal. Face the Sun is an excelent work,with a lot of aggressive riffs, violent guitar solos, the drum are powerful and the voice of the singer is aggressive too. This EP is, also like the band, a very good promise for the Underground world, in particular for the Thrash Metal genre. The only fault is the limitate presence of the bass guitar, that can be heard only in some points. We hope that in future Roarback will return with a new EP or with an official album,good as this one. Recommended to all (Underground) Thrash Metal lovers. 

RATING: 8/10
-Dom- [-Dom-]

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