mercoledì 13 febbraio 2013


Album recorded six years ago by the successful Brazilian band and republished this year by the Chinese Pest Production.
The album is great, the atmosphere created are well laid out and melancholy is not scarce; the guitars of "In My Last Mourning ..." sound distorted, the drums are rather thick and stands out more than the rest of the instrumentation. The guitars earn importance in "A Crawling Worm in a World of Lies" due to the sound that is put on equal terms with the drums; flawless vocal performance in "I Am the Bitter Taste of Gall" and remarkable background created by the keyboard. Finally there is "... and i finally Reach My End", again excellent technique that follows the "line" of the whole album. Chills.

RATING: 8/10
-SADIK- [-Mara-]

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