martedì 7 maggio 2013


Here I am to review the latest work of FrostAgrath, Egyptian DSBM project carried out by Lord Mist. The title of the Full Lenght expresses the soul of the composition: A Journey To Infinite Sorrow. The disc begins with the title track, you are immediately struck by the excellent composition of the piano, overused in DSBM but still effective and acid guitars immerse you in harrowing atmospheres. Here we are at the second track: The Passage To Helplessness; here the particular setting of FrostAgrath voice is heard strongly: remote voices full of suffering that serve as the underlying theme of the entire piece. And now the third track, an interlude of about two minutes, resting your ears but not your mind, dark, it certainly will please Ambient and Neofolk lovers. The fourth song, In Cor Silva is my favorite of all: a great piano intro, heartbreaking vocal, guitars more defined than the previous tracks, and you can finally hear the drums...A small pearl. Buried Among Bloodsheded A Shrine, the fifth song of the disc, makes you feel even further drumheads and increases the speed of the guitars, a style that differs a little from the rest of the album, very linear as DSBM wants. Last Track, A Solitary Death In The Lost Pathway: a note of aggression is present in this passage, dark despair that relates perfectly to thunderstorm frame offered by intro and outro. A good job, not innovative, but is there a more static genre than DSBM? Well done, but with only one point: the low-fi is fine, it creates a great atmosphere, but be careful not to become chaotic and undefined ... And especially not to create too many headaches!

RATING: 6/10
-EXCIDIUM- (-Mara-)

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