domenica 19 maggio 2013


The project In the Frost was born in 2011 in Poznań by two friends. Their music expresses a strong sense of melancholy and anger; strongly influenced by bands like Darkthrone or Katatonia, their black metal is able to budge from the classical hardness and coldness managing to touch more melodic parts and light atmospheres. The aid of a melancholic guitar as a backdrop to a more distorted guitar manages to give an interesting Blackgaze touch to the songs, although sometimes the second guitar may be slightly out of time; the drums often vary pace, from a classic Black succeeds to turn into Depressive parties, to finish off a rough scream singing on a base that fits perfectly to it. Good record, I'm looking forward a new one.

RATING: 7/10
-SADIK- (-Mara-)

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