sabato 8 dicembre 2012


This is the Amaze Knight's first album. They're a Prog Metal / Rock band from Turin, formed in 2010. A concept album that describes emotions, thoughts and experiences of a young man who lives in a state of prison by his mind, but he's searching the key to his "mental freedom". The first track, "Imprisoned (shadows past)," is perhaps the most aggressive and unpredictable. As "incipit", an excellent drum fill followed by guitar riffs pressing on one side, and melodic on the other. Already in this first track are remarkable typical elements of prog, the voice influenced by the Queen's style, Dream Theather, Helloween and Symphony X. The next song, "restless soul", has great riffs while being more '"soft", a good and calm refrain with an air voice; that's a song that's characterized by the choice of an absolutely less present keyboard . The name of the third track of the album is "Hartless". That's the "ballad" of the album, and it's a very ambient sound thanks to the presence of strings, violins and piano. The first voice is the guitarist's voice, then recovery from the singer's. Track which ends with a very emotional guitar solo. The last 2 tracks could be combined into a one song, "Liberation (a new day)": 20 minutes of good listening, excellent rhythm guitar, beautiful solos and riffs, perfectly linked by the work of other instruments.  Typical Prog album of high quality: 46 minutes and 58 seconds of quality and impressive Prog.

VOTE: 8/10

-SADIK- [Mara-]


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