mercoledì 19 dicembre 2012


"Controsigillo" is a particular and interesting Thrash/Death metal band from Vercelli. This is an intriguing album with sounds related to the theme of the song with a perfect instrumental piano; the only flaw is the pronunciation. The second track, after the melancholic intro, is "Crop Circles": an adrenalinic song with hypnotic vocals and guitars that make mental mysterious travels, with aliens and UFO. The next track is perhaps the most personal of the album: good riffs, excellent performance by the drummer and the bassist. As good as the previous track, "Arabian Chaos" is a song replayed for this album. The opening riff reminds me a little the song "Shrift" by In Case Of Carnage, Death sounds, improved pronunciation, perfect intonation and a surprising acute at about 2.30. "Chernobyl" is an interesting song, with riffs resembling sirens (to commemorate the disaster of 4/26/86), with atmospheres that remember to me King Diamond .. Another track replayed for the album is the next, with an amazing solo at about the 2nd minute. The penultimate song is "Lupin 3 e il cubo di rubik", obviously done for the classic manga "Lupin". The last track of the album is a bonus track-live: "Infected Oxygen." After the first listen it may be hard to understand the band, but if you listen this album more times you'll see the beauty of this Italian band.

RATING: 6,5/10

-SADIK- [-Andrea, Mara-]


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