venerdì 28 dicembre 2012


Dismantle is a Thrash metal from Los Angeles, one of the most important of their city. Due to the change in the line-up , the album comes to life, it contains power and speed, without forgetting the technique and the audio quality. Already in the first track you can understand their style, starting from the lower sounds they increase more and more until becaming imperative and invasive. "Enter the Forbidden" presents fast riffs and complex perfectly produced by a powerful battery. The "Real of Warmaster" intro is really compelling while "Illusion" surprises the listener with catchy and very exciting riffs;
"Dwelling (In The Darkness) starts like a ballad, but then clearly expresses the skills and inventive of the band.
Great and recommended album.


RATING: 6,5/10
-SADIK- [-Andrea,Mara-]


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