venerdì 11 gennaio 2013


Big Steel Shit was born in Taranto in 2006 from an idea by three friends.A long series of unfortunate events force them to continue changes of line-up, but they finally stabilized in 2010 and released their first LP "Greavy."Shortly after the drummer was replaced and the band reaches the maturity to publish this new album, "Shit Happens". The young band wants to combine Alternative Metal with Post-Grunge, and I may say that they have succeeded in their aim with their album: there are many influences of bands like Alter Bridge, Alice in Chains and Avenged Sevenfold (without Metalcore). The first track "Lard" incorporates riffs resembling those Power/Thrash, but the talent of the guitarist can be heard only in the next. The riff of "Godsons" reminds me of the general style of Mushroomhead, with a pitched, electrical and mysterious sound; "It Barks Rage" and "Stoned by Reality" are more reminiscent Avenged Sevenfold due fast rhythms and melodic riffs. Good tracks are "Misleading", a song that is very close to a ballad but it focuses on the vocal line; the style of "Waiting for the Bus" may resemble System of a Down, in fact the song has "lightning" rhythmic changes and double/triple voice, all properly mixed. An album that belies any injury, an Italian band wants to create something new; a product of a discrete band that promises well, least for the time.

RATING: 6/10

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