venerdì 18 gennaio 2013


Suicide Emotions is a solo Depressive Black Metal project that was born in 2012 in Bari. It's a particular beginning, with a change from the desperate scream to a true whine, so the instrumental base is significant, while many bands often give more importance to the voice. After the instrumental intro ”Nostalgia…”, there's “Sad Emotions Pt. I”: the guitars make an "infernal" background, the rhythm of the drums is the characteristic Depressive pace and the suffering shouts create a truly state of malaise. The following track is “Sad Emotions Pt. II”: same style but faster sounds, in fact the tune stands out, but not too much.
The instrumental track "Suffocation" is between "Sad Emotions Pt III" and "Sad Emotion Pt IV" : melancholic sounds and the drums try to create rhythms with plates and snare. Another detachment from the quadruplet of sad emotions is "Wonderful Vision of Suicide", a very sad and suffering song with the piano in the final part. “Suicide” is the final track, a calm and relaxing instrumental track. In the album many rhythms are repeated and prolonged, so the product seems dull during the first listening, but already from the second the album will be more clear. Everything started with a simple nostalgia, but it was too long and as it began as it ended with a simple and hard suicide.

VOTO: 7/10
-SADIK- [-Mara-]

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