giovedì 3 gennaio 2013


Mosh-Pit Justice is a Power / Tharsh Metal band from Bulgaria.
The project is quite varied, in fact really stand out influences Overkill-style, there are also Progressive and a bit of Doom. The album starts with "In Dollar We Trust", the battery switches "lightning" pace with the slower ones, the double bass drum is often used but the steps are almost absent; the guitars: riffs groove in some moments, but in others purely Thrash; the bass is perfectly in harmony with the double bass drum, and the voice in the chorus approaches to Power Metal.
In "Blood of the Tyrant" the drums are much more present but they've the classical speed of the band.
The song that gives the name to the album ("The Serpent") is good too, the guitar mixes Thrash and Power, so the song takes a different look and stands out more than the other tracks. The album ends with "Posers Genocide," a song that reminds me Commando (Yutacàn). A good band that incorporates various aspects of Overkill.

RATING: 6.5 / 10

-SADIK- [-Mara-]

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