domenica 27 gennaio 2013


How can we define this band? Probably the more appropriate words are Blackgaze / Depressive Black Metal; in fact, Eyelessight has a lot of sounds and styles that characterize these musical genres. Although it contains only four songs, this demo has already laid down base guidelines : atmospheres are well marked and the vocal is one of the strengths that distinguish the young band. The track "Vuota Solitudine" has a classic Depressive rhythm, the vocal is very intense and the interpretation is almost perfect, the guitars properly distorted form an infernal background, which we find in the other tracks too. "Dolorestatico" is pure suffering translated into music: at some moments a lulling guitar accompanies the melancholic musical base, and even here the expressiveness of the singer remains impeccable; I personally consider that the song "7:12" is the best from the instrumental viewpoint, since the riffs are speed up and are put sharper focus than the other tracks. The album ends more energetically due to “Odd”: the drums are more important in continuing. I would say that this is a good start.
They deserve to be heard.

RATING: 7,5/10
-SADIK- [-Mara]

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