lunedì 4 marzo 2013


"Bauda" project was born in 2006 due to Cesar Marquez in the form of one-man band, proposing an instrumental and very relaxing Progressive Rock / Folk with a great technique. But now the band has completely revolutionized, in fact the band added a bass player and a drummer, so the group is converted to a Neofolk / Post-Rock / Progressive Rock. 
Better expressed, their music is a mix of many kinds in addition to those outlined above: we can hear Atmospheric, Shoegaze and in some points even Pop influences. During the album guitars often sound very melancholy reminding bands like Opeth and Gospeed You, Black Emperor who may have a slow pace rather than fast; The basic rhythm of each track consists in the bass supported by the drums: it constantly maintains a very good technique. The use of the synthesizer is not uncommon, it enriches every track (already great) and can give rise to intense atmospheres. Truly a special project that needs to be understood, especially recommended for lovers of detailed, melancholy and full of atmosphere music.

RATING: 8/10
-SADIK- [-Mara-]

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