giovedì 6 giugno 2013


Slovenly World is a Groove/Death Metal French band. The group mixes the violence of Gojira and the good groove of Machine Head, making out a compact and ferocious product with some Metalcore influences. Since the first two songs you can very well understand the trend of the album: a heavy groove accompanied by rumbling drums with fast and violent pace; a good performance of the bass that perfectly follows the double bass rumbling even more tracks; sincerely for the vocals I would have preferred a softer voice, hoarse and gloomy, but the present voice does not ruin the album. The tracks "Alternate Ending" and "Choose your end" are the only ones with Nu Metal influences into Mudvayne style, through slower riffs with breaks between each other and with double bass and bass more noticeable. A band that has all it takes to emerge fairly well, nothing new, but still a good job.

RATING: 7/10
-SADIK- (-Mara-)

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