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Brutal death metal is more undead than ever and 2013 is definitely its year! After the great comebacks of titans like Defeated Sanity, Suffocation, Devourment and Guttural Secrete, every fan must add another album to their “to-buy” list: I’m speaking of the debut album of the american three-piece Goemagot. After a demo, Parasitic Incineration, which was very appreciated in the BDM underground, the band puts out

Eradication Of Insignificant Beings, an album that surpass Parasitic Incineration in every way possible and is probably the best BDM debut of the last years.
What we have here is technically excellent brutal death, with plenty of slam influences and a good amount of ideas used wisely. Goemagot aren’t innovators, but they surely are personal and, even more important, they know how to write exceptional songs. The band maintains a constant balance between ultra-fast brutal death riffs and bone-crushing slams, connecting them perfectly in the most effective and various ways. Also, they use a good amount of evil melodies, often played in tremolo, sometimes capable of touching the listener; this is a very rare feat in this genre. The quality of the riffs, the slams and everything else is really high and Goemagot always add a little bit of personality that separate themselves from the crowd of bands which do nothing but copy good ideas from the great bands of BDM. During the tracklist we have almost totally slam episodes with a deadly groove – like Headless Prostitute Present and Too Decomposed To Rape – alternated with fast bursts of brutality, straightforward like a punch in the stomach – for example, Progressive Regression of Cognition and Crushed After Dismemberment – and longer and more complex songs, which are the best of the album: I’m talking about The Ethics Of Omnipotence and Beg For Extiction. This track, in particular, is the most beautiful one, so full of ideas, ultra-heavy while using thrilling melodies, closing with an epic guitar solo to listen to again and again and fading with an acoustic guitar outro which closes a magnificient album.

The production of Eradication is one of its strongest features, incredibly genuine and also clear, making it possible to distinguish every instrument without giving up the dirty mood typical of BDM. Drummer Daniel Hemmerich’s performance is impressive, far more varied and interesting than your typical brutal/slam band’s drumming, yet equally brutal and intense. One of Goemagot’s most distinguishing aspect are Cody McConnel’s vocals, incredibly deep and filthy. He sounds a bit like Antti Boman of Demilich (who has one of the deepest growls I’ve ever heard) with a touch of Angel Ochoa (Cephalotripsy) which never hurts. Furthermore, Cody also displays his abilities with the bass guitar, not always following the guitars, sometimes stealing the spotlight and delivering little solos and great tapping sections. Matt Murphy on guitar is really good, especially concerning the leads, even if in this album they’re not so prominent.

Eradication Of Insignificant Beings is immediate, long-lived, intense, captivating, without a break. I could describe it with a lot of adjectives, none of which would be negative. Every BDM fan should listen to it and buy it as soon as possible, because it’ll be hard to see an equally awesome debut soon. Hail to Goemagot, hoping that in the future these guys give us something even more impressive!

RATING: 9/10
FEDERICO ARATA (MrFreddy, Metallized)

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