domenica 10 marzo 2013


Décombres, which in French means "ruins", is the unhealty solo project by the Canadian Philippe Boucher, who became quite famous in the metal underground for being the drummer of Beyond Creation. The debut album, with the same name "Décombres," was released last year and his musical offering is a Black Metal style like Burzum (especially the masterpiece "Filosofem"), with adjoining classical, creepy, dark atmosphere and low quality production and recording. Already since the initial “Consumation” you know right away that the album will be difficult to listen to, with few virtuosities by guitar and drums and a disturbed voice in scream; but perhaps this is also a strong point of the album: a real sense of bewilderment and lack of handholds. Despite the technique is not elevated, some riffs are pasted in the brain of the listener without peel off easily (such as that of the aforementioned "Consumation" or "Elevation" or "Aurore Boreale") and, after properly "grapped" it with 2-3 plays, the atmosphere of desolation and despair that we breathe is unique. But there is always something that should be wrong: what gave me enough annoyance was almost equal of all the tracks, except "Dernier Souffle" which is what symbolizes the whole album, at least for me. Recommended especially to those listen to Black and Depressive Black Metal; for everyone else, if you can not accept the disturbed sounds in Burzum-style, I can understand.

RATING: 7,5/10

-ULTHAR- [-Mara-]

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