domenica 2 giugno 2013


Small premise to begin: what you read in this review has been written without to find and therefore listen to two tracks of the disc. "Fuckaholics" is the second (and released last year) album by the Mexican thrash metal band Commando. At the first glance it may seem superficial and the usual disk "for fun", because of the title of the album, of the songs and the cover nothing short of "tamarra". But carefully listening to it you'll quickly notice their worth. Their proposal is a classic thrash metal inspired by Anthrax with atmosphere and pace, absolutely insane, with fluid and flowing songs that never last more than 6 minutes and that you are generally well laid out, with excellent solos and really pleasant to listen to. The tracks I recommend are absolutely "Rambo The War Machine" (do not consider the ridiculous title)with very good drums and one of the best solos of the disc; the exaggerated "Counter Strike", with some of the famous quotation "Arise" of the old Sepultura and a refrain that you will not forget; "The Corpse Collector", at the limits of technical thrash madein Havok. Finally, there is "Kill The Posers", with José Luis De Paro as drummer who gives the best of himself and with guitars that drive the track into an absolutely hilarious and fast way. But I'm lying if I said that this album has no defects: the biggest one are the vocals of the bass player/singer Cesar Zavala, who in some tracks are a little subdued, almost listless, and ruin a decent song as "Scarface". The second flaw (which technically would not be), is the aforementioned lack of being able to listen to the entire album, because the tracks "Intro" and "Night Stalker" can not be found on Youtube. However, it remains an album that deserves much, at least listen to it to hear how much this fun as great band knows how "to hit hard" in his own way.

RATING: 7,5/10
-ULTHAR- (-Mara-)

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