sabato 29 giugno 2013


Torture Ascendancy is a Death Metal band coming from Pennsylvania. To review an only 2 tracks ep is quite strange because the quantity of the material is scarce and often can not be good to understand the band's style; but I'll try. The first track "Reversing Creation" has influences from bands like Decapitated, especially in the drums due to fast and distinct passages; the guitars perform sharp riffs that -especially in the intro and in the rhythmic changes- perfectly follow the line of the drums; in both songs there is a very good throaty growl with often angry scream in the background. Piece that completes the disc is "And Darkness was cast", a song more extreme than the previous one: the notes that characterize the song compared with "Reversing Creation" are as first the stronger and faster rhythms, harder but speeded up riffs complete the work with influences of bands like Deicide and Cannibal Corpes.
Nothing new or innovative, but still a good product.

RATING: 6/10
-SADIK- (-Mara-)

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