domenica 23 giugno 2013


Debut album by the Belgian band from Dibeek and active since 2002. “You Are What You Swallow” is a classic pure thrash metal old school album, where personality and originality are almost always left aside in favor of classic songs but damn smooth and enjoyable. Already the initial "Aberration Mandatory" makes it clear immediately the potential of the quintet, with excellent drums, well cadenced lead rhythm guitars and the wonderful voice of Kenny Molly for seasoning the whole.
The tracks I recommend are absolutely "Once You Cross", really beautiful; the bestial "Taste of Decay" with excruciating solos and the title track in the end, even if finally, if it were not for these details, the songs resemble each other and there isn't any that can really emerge. It remains an album that I recommend to lovers of classic Thrash who want to use 47 minutes of their time in an intelligent and entertaining way. This is one of several groups which shows us that the '80s Thrash is coming back to the fore, though not like the old times.

RATING: 7,5/10
-ULTHAR- (-Mara-)

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