sabato 22 giugno 2013


Forlorn Chambers is a Finnish Death Metal band. Theoretically founded in 2012, in January 2013 they give birth to their first debut: "Unborn and Hallow," Demo of only three tracks but with good atmosphere. The sound is monotonous and is often prolonged, a Death Metal with Death insights laying on Black structures that can give atmosphere to the songs.
As the first song we have the homonymous "Unborn and Hollow" already precipitous from the begin due to Black/Grind drums parts, it slows down at the end but without losing the initial violence; beautiful idea of the male choirs in "And we hail the ones who fall" that embellish the atmosphere already created by the guitars keeping the line of the previous track. As last song, "Desolate Resolution" is a slower track than the other but with greater technical capacity on the part of the bass. Up to here an excellent performance,but there's something unperfect: unfortunately the vocal part is not at all suitable, we find a guttural growl almost pig squeal that always keeps the same tone throughout the disc, it is not bad in itself, but does not bind with the band. Nothing extremely new, but still a work worthy of note.

RATING: 6,5/10
-SADIK- (-Mara-)


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