lunedì 17 giugno 2013


One Sense Too Much are a Progressive metal/Deathcore band with members coming from Germany and from Malesia; their music is undoubtedly heavy and destroying, but has also got many melodic musical passages. The first things you can hear listening to Her Neverland are two main things: the members of the band choosed to use a drum machine, probably programmed in a bad way because it sounds too static and almost fake, but besides this many times it goes out of time. The other main defect is that the exhale growl of the singer is more fit to a Brutal Death Metal band and the scream is not made in a "natural" way, but seems to be forced and false; the exhale can be improved. Despite these defects the guitar riffs are very good and shows a good technique. The vocal tone of the singer adapts itself at the heavy genre that the band plays and the clean singing immerses the listener in the musical purity of the group. Surely there are many things that might be improved: in particular the drum machine, but the composition is very good, I think that the band could do a better work than this one, so I wait new news from this powerful and very good band.

RATING: 6/10
-SADIK- [-Dom-]

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