lunedì 31 dicembre 2012


Flower Flesh was born in 2005 with the intention of giving life to a band that has an original and personal sound, but they don't want to omit the Progressive Rock sound, with influences of band from the '70s up to the present, marrying perfectly with classic Hard Rock. The first song, "Falling in Another Dimension" presents a beautiful sound, warm voice, good riffs and solos. The psychedelic part in the background is intresting too, as "My gladness after the sadness", with typical progressive rock sounds: a touching song that will thrill and dream you. Another interesting track is "The Race of My Life", the only song divided into five movements. The album terminates with the sombre, sad and gloomy "Scream and Die." Great album for this young band: five musicians who have succeeded in their intent, the album contains a lot of sounds and influences, so I recommend it to lovers of beautiful Progressive Rock.

RATING: 8/10

-SADIK- [-Andrea, Mara-]

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